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Fire hose reel is designed to combat a potential fire hazard

Fire hose reel is designed to work with firefighting equipment to combat with fire. It is very helpful and irreplaceable to firefighters. There are two kinds of fire hose reels. The first kind of fire hose reels are fixed on trucks, and fire fighters use them to distribute fire hoses in the fire places. And the second kind of fire hose reels are widely used and they are equipped on the walls of many buildings. We offer fixed and swing types. For the fixed type the sheet of reel is fixed. And for swing type the reel sheet can be moved because there is an axle in the middle. In the following pictures, the first one is fixed type, and the second one is swing type. Also we offer the tips on choosing a fire hose reel.

Fire hose reel with red color hose and plastic nozzle The fire hose reel is packed in a box
Red color fixed fire hose reel Package of swing fire hose reel

The length of a fully extended fire hose is 36 meters with a diameter of 19mm (outer diameter). These devices are designed to provide as a minimum of 0.33 liters of water per second. A control nozzle is at the end of the tube in order to control the direction and the flow of water on the fire. All fire hose reels are equipped with a unique valve shut-off device, a hose reel and nozzle holder.


  1. The reels are made of 1.2m electro galvanized steel sheets and given extra strength by ribs in order to avoid twisting.
  2. The cover of hose reel is painted with red color powder coating in the surface of SS, and also other requirements are available.
  3. The nozzle can be customized of plastic or chrome plated brass.
  4. The hoses can work in the pressure of 12 bar and the max burst pressure is 50 bar. The color of hose is usually red and other colors like black are available according to request.

Suitable for the use of large high risk environments: hotels, schools, restaurants, warehouses, factories, petrochemical places, parking areas and other places that have the risk of fire.


Type Model No Size of Hose (Dia. length) Reel Dia. (mm) Depth (mm) Version
Fixed Manual FHR-FM-25M 25mm, 30M 550 285 Fixed
FHR-FM-19M 19mm, 30M 240 Fixed
Fixed Automatic FHR-FA-25A 25mm, 30M 285 Fixed
FHR-FA-19A 19mm, 30M 240 Fixed
Swinging Manual FHR-SM-25M 25mm, 30M 260 Arm Type
FHR-SM-19M 19mm, 30M 210 Arm Type
FHR-SM-25M 25mm, 30M 275 Pipe Type
FHR-SM-19M 19mm, 30M 230 Pipe Type
Swinging Automatic FHR-SA-25A 25mm, 30M 275 Arm Type
FHR-SA-19A 19mm, 30M 230 Arm Type
FHR-SW-25A 25mm, 30M 275 Pipe Type
FHR-SW-19A 19mm, 30M 230 Pipe Type
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