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Garden hose reels keep your hose in shape and free of kinks

Garden hose reels are the metal or plastic equipment which is widely used for rolling garden hoses up and for the use of next time in a safe and neat way. They are designed to attach to the side wall of a house or a building, or just on the ground for convenient using. No matter where they are mounted, hoses are coiled around a hollow core of all garden hose reels.

We can see garden hose reels can be divided into different types or styles, here are portable garden hose reel and retractable garden hose reel. You can also see our retractable hose reel page.

Portable Garden Hose Reel

Portable garden hose reel with green color hollow core Portable garden hose reel is used by a person in grassland
Green color plastic material portable garden hose reel Portable garden hose reel is used on grassland

Applications: widely used for home, farm, commercial uses.

Features and benefits:

  • Made of plastic material, it’s lightweight and portable when using. SS material is also available.
  • Low price and convenient.
  • Easy installation and assembly, and tools are not needed.
  • When winding hose on and off, angled hose connection prevents it from wrapping, kinking or twisting.
  • Warrant time for 2 years, and if necessary you can choose stainless steel material for longer service life about 10 years.
  • Slip-proof handle grip.
  • Perfect for home and professional garden/ landscaping needs.

The pressure can be up to 1000psi.
Withstand the temperature range from -40°C to 121°C which is -40° F to 250°F.
Store up to 25m (1/2" or 13mm) or 18m (5/8" or 16mm) hose.

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Green color retractable ground automotive garden hose reel
Retractable garden hose reel

The retractable garden hose reel is economical, lightweight and easy to operate. It can be used for medium duty industrial grade reel. Made of tough polypropylene with corrosion resistance, it is highly resistant to most acids, alkalis and UV rays. In addition, it is easy to clean the hose and the reel. Furthermore, the hose reel can be fixed on wall, ceiling or floor.

Technical parameters:

No. Weight Pressure Hose ID Hose OD Hose outlet Reel inlet Hose length
Lbs. kg Psi bar Inch mm Inch mm Inch Inch Ft. m
RGHR-01-21 21 10 232 16 3/8 10 0.621 16 3/8 3/8 50 15
RGHR-02-25 25 11 3/8 10 0.621 16 3/8 3/8 65 20
RGHR-03-23 23 10 1/2 13 0.781 20 1/2 1/2 50 15
Working temperature 65°C

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