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High Pressure Cantilever Makes Car Washing Easier

High pressure cantilever with labeling

High pressure cantilever , also known as high pressure rocker arm. Our high pressure cantilever inserts are pressure-resistant stainless steel, and the shell spindle is made of high-quality pure copper. High pressure hose is a thickened steel wire hose that can withstand 280 kg of pressure, installed in the center of the top of the cleaning range for overhead use, and can be freely rotated to avoid the high pressure hose on the ground to avoid dragging damage. The length can be freely adjusted according to space expansion and contraction, and the gun and high pressure hose connection with the new advanced anti-twisting design can be freely rotated.


  • Freely extended arm
  • Anti winding design
  • 360° rotating operation
  • Easy to install


Table 1: Normal High Pressure Cantilever Specification
Item Applicable Temperature
Working Pressure
Hose Length
GYXB-2 0-60 15 20 2
GYXB-3 0-60 15 20 3
GYXB-4 0-60 15 20 4
GYXB-5 0-60 15 20 5
GYXB-6 0-60 15 20 6

High Pressure Cantilever Adapter

6 types of high pressure cantilever adapters
High pressure cantilever adapters for a wide range of commercial car washers

High Pressure Cantilever Installation Diagram

High pressure cantilever installation diagram marked with label
High pressure cantilever installation diagram


  • Auto 4S brand store
  • Auto beauty center
  • Auto repair station
  • Assembly workshop
A worker is washing cars with a high pressure cantilever.
High pressure cantilever rotates 360° to avoid the high pressure hose rubbing the car.
High pressure cantilever with a high pressure hose suspended from the wall
High pressure cantilever not in contact with the ground increase service life.
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