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High Pressure Washer Gun – Strong Cleaning Ability Without Damaging Car Paint

High pressure washer gun is a vehicle cleaning equipment. It is used with a telescopic drum, the use of pulse force to clean the exterior dust and dirt of the vehicle, the car washing high pressure washer is wrapped by the bubble does not hurt the car paint, and the generation of pulse force is outside the head, the use of recoil can not have the feeling.

Our high pressure washer gun has a compact appearance, using high quality stainless steel materials. The front of the gun trigger design is more in line with the principle of mechanics, and more convenient to use.

High pressure washer gun marked with label
High pressure washer gun
Install the high pressure washer gun with the rewind telescopic drum
Installation diagram of high pressure washer gun and telescopic drum


  • Gas source pressure: 0.6 MPa or above
  • Water source pressure: 0.2 MPa or above
  • Water flow rate: 15 L/min
  • Specification of air hose: 6.5 mm (I.D.) × 10 mm (O.D.)
  • Specification of water hose: 8 mm (I.D.) × 12 mm (O.D.)


  • Length: 200 mm × 180 mm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Applicable temperature: 0 °C to 60 °C


  • Water saving. Water consumption of a single car using the micro-water energy-saving high pressure washer gun is only 10–13 liters, which saves more than 90% of water compared with ordinary car washing equipment.
  • Energy saving. The gun's equivalent power consumption is only 0.6 kW, which can save about 70% of electricity.
  • Safety. Compressed air drive safety is unmatched by other equipment. No near-electric contact, avoiding the unsafe hidden danger of water-electric hybrid operation.
  • Convenience. The auxiliary application of the telescopic drum makes the washing gun automatically telescopic in the working area, which is convenient. In addition, the water hose and air hose can be retracted into the drum, and the double hoses cannot easily be aged and damaged.
  • Profession. The use of pulse force to thoroughly wash the vehicle attached to dust, soil, and even attached to the body of floating mud, and high pressure water wrapped in bubbles does not harm the car paint.
  • Not easy to damage. No moving parts, not easy to damage. Even if there are fine sand particles inside the water, this equipment will not wear out due to sand clogging.
  • Comfortable operation. The pulse force is generated outside the gun head, so there is no feeling of recoil when using, very labor-saving. The small shape is more suitable for washing the fender or crevice in the car.
  • Low air pressure requirement. The gun supports low air pressure activation (can be activated as low as 50 psi).


  • Auto 4S brand store
  • Auto beauty center
  • Auto repair station
  • Assembly workshop
A man is washing a car with a high pressure washer gun.
High impact high pressure washer gun makes car washing easier.
Installation and use of high pressure washer gun and telescopic drum
High pressure washer gun and telescopic drum in combination.
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