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High-pressure Water Gun
High-pressure water gun is a common cleaning tool, widely used in areas such as car washing, house exterior cleaning, and yard maintenance.
High Pressure Cantilever
High pressure cantilever with 360° rotation without noise, its superior stainless steel inserts, and its thickened steel wire tube are to increase service life.
Wall Mount Hose Reel
Wall mount hose reel is ideal for industry and daily usages. The products are manufactured upon request of 150psi and give you a clean working condition.
Fire Hose Reel
Our fire hose reels can be available in many types and sizes: fixed manual and automatic, swing manual and automatic. And the reel diameter is 550mm.
UHP Water Hose Reel
Ultra high pressure water hose reels are pressure-resistant and are used in engineering work vehicles for high pressure water jet cleaning.
Water Hose Reel
Our water hose reels can be used in auto repair shops, heavy duty facilities, and compressed air applications of 5 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.
Industrial High Pressure Washer Hose Reel
Our industrial high pressure washer hose reel has superior supporting frame structure and high pressure hose to meet the needs of different working conditions.
Forklift Hose Reel
Forklift hose reel rotary-seal structure adopts superior combination seals, suitable for various harsh environments, with IP65 grade dust & waterproof ability.
Air Hose Reel
Air hose reels are applied in workshops and garages for storing air hoses. They work in -40 degree Celsius to 121 degree Celsius and pressure 10 bar.
Garden Hose Storage Reel
A garden hose reel is a device used for storing and organizing garden hoses.