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Retractable hose reel is the best helper of garden hose storage

In gardens or other places where hoses are used, the problem of hose storage is annoying. Our retractable hose reels provide highly efficient, convenient and economical solutions for the disturbing thing in a wide variety of applications. In the garden hose reel page it has been mentioned. They can work in the temperature of -5°C to 45°C and can be fixed on the wall, ceiling or overhead, as well as on the floor. In the following we are glad to introduce automatic retractable hose reel. The materials can be upon request of metal or plastic.

green color automatic retractable hose reel on grassland
Automatic retractable hose reel on grassland

Widely used for industry, auto manufacture, gardening and the agricultural irrigation.

Technical Characteristics:

  • The hose is high quality hose of 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch for 25 meters designed for used all year around because of its weather resistance.
  • The outer box is made of the material of polypropylene and coated with UV stabilizers. Also metal material is available.
  • Working pressure up to 250psi.
  • Dimensions (include bracket): Height (450mm) × Length (580mm) × Width (250mm).

Features and benefits:

  1. The hose reel has features of excellent weather resistance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  2. Easy to use and operate with exclusive quite locking system. You can pull the hose according to your demand.
  3. Padlocking provision of the reel is offered for security purposes.

Retractable hose reel in black color with pink hose on the ground
20m retractable garden hose reel on ground

Gray color retractable hose reel with wheels is used by a young woman
Gray color retractable hose reel is used by a young woman


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