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Easy operating wall mount hose reels made upon your request

Literally, wall mount hose reels are hose reels that can be fixed on the wall. According to your applications, you can select a better hose reel on our technology page, no matter hose reels are mounted on the wall or floor. The materials of hose reel can be available upon customers: metal or plastics. And the bearing axles are made of high quality material. The products make pouring simple and convenient, because they can be pivoted by 180°.

Our wall mount hose reels are widely used for industry fields and also for daily use of private gardens. They solve the problems of messy and tangled hoses. Moreover, they give you a neat and tidy environment all the time.

Technical characteristics:

  • The device can be fixed or mounted both parallel and perpendicular to the wall.
  • The surfaces are power coated in order to have a long service life.
  • The working pressure of hose is 150psi and burst pressure is 600psi.
  • The thickness of the metal side panels is 3mm and the thickness of the drum panel is 1.15mm. The total weight of the reel without hoses is 12kg. 
Wall mount hose reel with red hose and SS support Wall mount hose reel used convenient with hose and fittings
Wall mount hose reel with red hose Wall mount type hose reel with white hose

Features and benefits:

  1. Flexible use and easy to transport
    The practical wall mount makes it possible: The Hose reel can be tilted at an angle of 180 °. In this way, the hose does not kink when watering and the hose can be folded after use to save space on the wall. In winter, take the reel out of the holder and simply store them avoid frost.
  2. Everything within reach
    The hose is always handy while connecting different devices nearby and available.
  3. No bending, no cranks, no dirty hands
    The 15 meters long hose is quickly ready for use in the desired length where it is needed. After use, the hose rolled up automatically by briefly pulling up again. The integrated hose guide ensures a smooth feeder without the hose kinked or knotted.
  4. Save water
    Once you have removed the connection hose from the tap, it simply plugs it to the drip device. So after watering or during transport there is no water runs out of the device.

Technical parameters:

Type Wall mount Hose Reels
Material Metal or plastic (upon request)
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Standard ANSI
Diameter 5/8'' (hose)
Feature Adjustable, anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, flexible, freestanding
G.W 12kg (without hose)
Hose Capacity 350ft 5/8" hose
Inlet hose 12. 5' Inlet hose
Working pressure 150psi
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