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Featured water hose reel is ideal for water hose management

Water hose reel is widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture and construction, and it is especially suitable for wet or damp environment. Of course water hose reels have many types and styles, such as heavy duty water hose reel, light duty water hose reel, retractable water hose reel, wall mount water hose reel and so on. Here we intend to introduce our featured water hose reel product.

Our water hose reel is suitable for supplying water in heavy duty industries, fire hose as well as kitchens. Its unique material of hose makes it popular to many people in the market. The hose reel is made of stainless steel upon request to prevent from being rusted from the usage with water. And other materials are also available. The hose is made of high pressure resistant braided PUR.

Featured stainless steel hose reel for water hoses SS water hose reel will not rust water hose reel used for auto repair shop with blue braid hose
Stainless steel water hose reel Stainless steel water hose reel with a manual handle Black water hose reel with blue hose


  • Offering polypropylene mounting brackets in case of mounting on top.
  • Customers can turn the hose reel at any angle.
  • Easy to install and can be fixed on the ground, wall, floor, overhead or on a vehicle.
  • Hose can get automatically to any length due to the locks.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, corrosion proof and resistant to most acids and alkalis.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Unique ratchet style tensioning system that is easily adjusted.

Automotive repair shop, factory assembly line using air tool place, lubricator facilities, special purpose vehicle mining machinery, facilities and heavy machinery facilities.

Technical data:

Feeder hose length: 15 m (50 feet)
Hose material: Braided PUR
Connections: Male thread
Temperature range: 5°C to +60°C (41°F to +140°F)
Water hose reels are mounted on top in auto repair shop
Water hose reels used in auto repair shop

Technical specifications: 

WHR-WH-01 15 1/2 3/4 150 8/7.5 44 × 20.5 × 40
WHR-WH-02 8/7.5
WHR-WH-03 9.5/9
WHR-AH-01 3/8 1/4 250 8.5/8
WHR-AH-02 8.5/8
WHR-AH-03 10.5/10
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