Hose reels help to wind hoses up in a safe and convenient way

We are a professional and leading manufacturer of hose reels in China. Our hose reels catalog: air hose reel, garden hose reel, water hose reel, retractable hose reel, fire hose reel and wall mount hose reel. They are all tested strictly before delivery, so customers can trust us fully.

A hose reel is often made of metal, fiberglass, polypropylene or plastic materials. It’s a cylindrical spindle that is used for storing a hose. And there are many types or styles of hose reels according to different classifications. According to the materials, hose reels can be divided into metal hose reel and poly hose reels. On the basis of applications, they can be classified into air hose reel, water hose reel, garden hose reel and fire hose reel. And in terms of rewind method there are spring driven, hand crank, and motor driven hose reels. In addition, hose reels can be fixed in a permanent location as well as attached to a cart or truck.

Garden hose reel is widely used for rolling garden hoses up and storage in a neat way. We have portable garden hose reel and retractable garden hose reel that are commonly used for homes, farms and gardens.

Wall mount hose reel is popular in the hose reel markets for its features of flexible use and easy to transport, long length, water-saving and cleanness. In addition, it can be mounted on the wall, so it saves space.

Our main customers are authorities of Petroleum Companies, cement and construction industries, oil and gas companies or industries, Water and Sanitation and senior contractors. We are very happy and pleasant to have the chances and opportunities to work with them. Further, we hope to work with you in the immediate future.

    Garden Hose Reel

  • Garden hose reels are available in types of portable and wall mount to keep you hoses neatly. It’s a practical and simple way to transport and store hoses.

    Air Hose Reel

  • Air hose reels are applied in workshops and garages for storing air hoses. They work in -40 degree Celsius to 121 degree Celsius and pressure 10 bar.

    Forklift Hose Reel

  • Forklift hose reel rotary-seal structure adopts superior combination seals, suitable for various harsh environments, with IP65 grade dust & waterproof ability.