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Five convincing reasons or benefits of using a hose reel

Why people use hose reels? Because they make hoses and cables operations safe and efficiency. Thereby your hoses, cables and electric wires will be prolonged the service life of up to five times and the management can be easier. Also you will be not tripped by hoses, so it saves the lost work time, medical costs and the high cost of insurance. At the same time you save the high costs of hoses replacement caused by the roller compaction of vehicle like forklift. 

Here are the five convincing reasons:

  • Improve the environment. Hoses and cables are kept orderly so the knotted thing will not happen.
  • Ensure the security. Using hose reels can greatly reduce the incidence of work-related accidents caused by the annoying tripping.
  • Prevent leakage, and reduce the loss caused by the gas, water and oil leakage.
  • Reduce the wear and tear. It will prolong the service life of up to five times if hoses and cables wound on a reel.
  • Improve efficiency. People can control hoses and cables as they like, thereby the productivity is increased.
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