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Three tips on selecting right hose reels for unique application

It’s very important to choose or select the right hose reels for your applications, and there are three tips when selecting.

Step 1 - Consider about the reel will be used for what mechanical requirements.

  • Is the hose reel used for strength, lift, drag or retrieve?
  • The environment is also important: indoors, outdoors or in corrosive environment.
  • How often will the hose reel payout and retract?
  • The max speed of the equipment will also be considered. And the best speed of the equipment is 150 f/m.

Step 2 - the hose specifications that you need and require

  • Working pressure
  • Medium that hoses are handling: water, air or oil
  • Hose ID

Step 3 - the required hose length

  • Active length that is to say the difference between the min and max operating payout
  • Inactive Length means the hose always stay out of the reel even at full retraction.
  • Sag factor (stretching): Add 10% length to the active and the inactive length.
  • Lift height (drag / retrieval): the max length is 4’ between the hose lays up to the pool center line.
  • Hook length: hose are needed terminate at 2-3’ on both spool ends.
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